Kalimaya Dive Resort

Kalimaya Dive Resort delivers bespoke diving experiences ensconced in the warm embrace of a retreat.

Whether our guests are into macro photography, heart-pounding pelagic encounters, languid snorkels around the house reef or simply sunset meditations poolside, we cater to a spectrum of interests; whatever helps guests attain their “happy place.”

We pride ourselves on mastering the balance between a lust for exploration and a longing for tranquillity.

Kalimaya Dive Resort serves as a beacon to intrepid souls who yearn to explore unchartered waters.

Discover the wilderness beyond our doors without sacrificing the refinements of a life well lived.
— Kalimaya Owners

What's Included

Kalimaya Dive Resort offers daily boat diving throughout the year to three world renowned locations, in addition to the incredible house reef. Only a boat ride away are the treasures of Komodo National Park, and Kalimaya also offers day trips to Gili Banta and Sangean volcano where the biodiversity is overwhelming. The house reef alone is already worth several dives as it's full of macro life. Kalimaya are passionate about protecting the environment and have worked hard to establish a Marine Protected Area directly in front of the resort. They now have around 50 dives sites, 90% of which have been found and named by the Kalimaya crew themselves. Most dive sites are between 5 minutes and 1 hour away. There's also a nearby Manta cleaning station, and white and black tip sharks are regularly spotted in these waters.

  • Unlimited dives on the 400 meter long house reef
  • Orientation & boat dives are guided by the diving staff
  • Speed boat to Eastern Sumbawa, Gili Banta, Sangean Volcano or Western Komodo
  • Spectacular macro/muck diving, current diving and coral diving
  • Shaped by the vision of 6 diving professionals
  • The Kalimaya crew have established a Marine Protected Area in front of the hotel
  • The area is free of other divers and resorts to ensure privacy and satisfaction


  • Free cancellation for 48h after confirmation 5% of the total booking amount will be charged if you cancel more than 126 days prior to arrival 15% will be charged if you cancel between 126 and 76 days prior to arrival 30% will be charged if you cancel between 76 and 46 days prior to arrival 55% will be charged if you cancel between 46 and 26 days prior to arrival 100% will be charged if you cancel less than 26 days prior to arrival