About us

KEG Resorts is a chain of mid scale specialised resorts in the exotic resort destinations around the world that targets an undeserved consumer segment of adventure travellers such as surfers, mountaineers, divers and others who venture in the search of the adventure experiences.

Currently Keg Resorts Company consolidates more than 100 partner resorts around the world, providing the niche  accommodation such as surf camps and resorts, dive resorts, base camps and mountain resorts, safari lodges, ski resorts, yoga and wellness retreats etc., under one brand. Our accommodation providers specialise in our target market, are close to amenities we look for (e.g. surf break, diver spot etc.), have facilities our guests want (e.g. surf school, dive school etc.) and offer great value for money for our guests

Romance of Adventure

Embark in epic journeys, surf-travel the world,scale the famous peaks and dive the well-known spots

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Niche Market

KEG Resorts is a travel and adventure brand synonymous of"GoPro", "QuickSilver" etc. of the hotel industry

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Global Brand

From Patagonia to Bali, Keg Resorts has global footprint so that you can discover the world with us

Resort Owners

If you are a resort owner who shares our vision and would like to work with us, please contact us

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