Pre-Opening Services

Hotel Pre-Opening is a crucial period before a Hotel first opens its doors to the public. Thus, a lot of works of various aspects needs to be organized, delegated and managed in ensuring the Hotel to be well set up and ready to operate. 

Having been involved in numerous hotel and resort openings in different parts of the world, Keg Resort’s consulting arm has the capacity and know-how in assisting the Hotel Owner according to the following;

  • Establish a Pre-Opening Budget for incorporation into the Total Project Cost
  • Establish a staffing plan and recruit, employ, train and direct the staff for the Hotel
  • Hotel marketing services; Develop and implement a marketing plan and sales, promotion and publicity and public relations programs designed to attract guests to the Hotel on and after the Soft Opening Date
  • Negotiate and enter into contracts
  • Define the general organisation of the Hotel and establish and institute policies and procedures for the operation of the Hotel
  • Assist in purchase the Operating Supplies necessary for the proper opening of the Hotel (payment for which shall be made from the Hotel Account)
  • Develop and implement all food and beverage concepts and entertainment policies for the Hotel’s restaurants, lounges and banquet facilities including the design of all menus
  • Establish management control procedures and accounting systems for the Hotel, including in particular computerized systems control procedures
  • Assist in the organisation and start-up of the various departments of the Hotel
  • Undertake insurable risk analysis and negotiation of the corresponding insurance policies
  • Keg Resort’s consulting will also do all other things necessary for the proper opening of the Hotel including, but not limited to, arranging for suitable inaugural ceremonies in consultation with the Owner

Technical Services

Development of a Hotel requires conceptualization of a Hotel product that takes into consideration the potential of the locale, the market it intends to serve, the positioning and unique product offerings with enduring appeal, competitive analysis, distribution systems, among others.

Keg Resorts Consulting Division can help the hotel owners and developers with the following:

  • Develop Product Concept
  • Detailed area program and facility checklist
  • Technical specifications for Architect, Engineers and special systems requirements
  • Evaluating layouts and space efficiencies
  • Attending project meetings
  • Provide layout sketches where applicable
  • Audit engineering schematics

We work closely with professionals and specialists in the development team to ensure that the hotel product is built in accordance to the intended concept and relevant standards. Having operational experience and the technical know-how in developing hotels, we believe that we are one of the most comprehensive Hospitality Management Consultants to assist and advise  you in your hotel development endeavor.

  • If you are interested, please contact our business development team at bd@kegresorts.com

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