Dive & Trek Resort

Close to the province’s centers of culture and nature is Dive & Trek. Being the first marine sanctuary in Batangas, it boasts of various mysteries of the ocean waiting to be unraveled. You may have heard of the giant clams thriving in the reef or expressed awe at videos on Instagram featuring the “jacknado.” You may have read reviews raving over the magnificent underwater sights and the huge, elusive turtle that roams the ocean floor. A friend may have even told you of the waterfall next door, accessible by kayak. With breathtaking diving and snorkeling experiences right in Dive & Trek’s front yard, there’s no need to go anywhere else.

You decided to visit the resort. As you relax on the lounge, you saw diving junkies emerge from the water as the sun passes its zenith. They head over to the dining area, where a hearty lunch has been meticulously prepared for them—fresh, delicious meals crafted by a talented chef with years of experience in classic Filipino and Batangueno specialties. You got hungry with the sight and smell so you decided to join them. You heard of their stories about the view below, how the corals softly sway, how the incredible schools of fish swim together, and how colorful the sanctuary looks under the sunlight. You promised yourself to try it the next time you visit. For now, you just wanted to relax your tired body and mind.

What's Included

Adventurers can tick scuba diving off of their bucket list as even first timers are welcome to explore the marine sanctuary. The exhilarating feeling of taking the plunge and seeing a new world is unlike any other. For the nature lovers, the joy of observing marine species in their natural habitat is truly captivating. Divers also have the chance to view giant clams, a school of jackfish, the resident turtle, or the rare whale shark that passes by.

  • Activities: Diving | Snorkeling
  • Pool
  • Bar / lounge
  • Beach
  • Non-smoking hotel
  • Free breakfast | Restaurant

Resort Policies

  • To hold your reservation, we require a 50% deposit which you may pay through bank deposit or credit card. The remaining 50% may be settled upon check-out.

  • We accept credit cards for booking your reservation. Once you are on-site, however, payments through cards may encounter errors due to our remote location. If you will use your credit card, we request that you prepay for your booking if possible. Please note that payment through credit cards are subject to bank surcharges. Cash is also a foolproof method.

  • Yes! We love pets and we have some of our own staying at the resort. However, please be aware Yes! We love pets and we have some of our own staying at the resort. However, please be aware that you are responsible for the safety of your pet and for making sure that your pet is well-behaved and will not pose a threat to other guests or their pets. We also request that you use your own pet paraphernalia such as towels, feeding bowls, beds and beddings, poop bags, leash, etc.